What to Expect: Renderings

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So, you've picked your model or created a custom design of your new home. What comes next?

We include custom home and prefabricated model design in all of our design packages, complete with interior and exterior. Our Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows us to specialize in model-based cost estimation, scheduling, drawings, details and unique visualizations included in this process, and give us insight on each and every object of your project.

Providing these renderings allows us builders to ensure correct communication with clients during our builds. Renderings bring you along the process and can be altered based on your wants and needs. We value all tools that help us communicate with you about your project so that you are involved every step of the way.

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We also offer full-service rendering, graphic design and marketing, still images & panorama photos that bring your projects to life with stunning high-resolution depth and colours, high-resolution video animation, professionally cut and edited walkthroughs and fly-throughs, both furnished interior and exterior designs. The options are endless with our rendering tools that bring you along on your project.


Our custom renderings and pre-fabricated model designs deliver the best quality images to bring you along the process of construction behind-the-scenes, and show you what your beautiful home will look like. We can't wait to work with you!

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