Meet Our Founder!

Here at Corrente Construction Management, our hard working team is led by the talented Tino Sisca. We asked him a few questions to let you get to know Corrente and the meaning behind our work.




Give us a short background on yourself.

I come from a modest family that is deeply involved in the construction industry. Since childhood, I have always been around, and involved in, some form of residential construction. We completed projects either at home or the homes of family and friends, and I loved every moment. My biggest excitement and pleasure is seeing a structure come to life from a drawing; Blog Post 1 - Quote (1)This is why I chose to follow my passion into college, and graduated from the Architectural Technology Program at George Brown College. After my graduation from GBC I was blessed with the opportunity to work as project manager for various builders throughout Ontario, and this furthered my exposure to design and construction, being involved on many projects throughout the province. Being a designer and/or project manager allows me to push the limits, passion, expectations and allows me to see my work come to life throughout the construction process.


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When & why did you decide to start Corrente Construction Management?

Throughout my career I was able to witness the way that the commercial and industrial construction evolved. There is a responsibility of being transparent with construction costs, a respect to construction managers and consultants, and project management software deeply influences the day to day operations. But I found that the residential industry remained archaic along with their procedures and treatment of the clients. Therefore when CCM was created, I made a vow to be honest and bring procedures and technology to the residential industry. Blog Post 1 - Quote 2



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What inspires you most about working in this industry?

_People inspire me!_ (1)Every family and every individual is different, and this is what makes the residential construction industry exciting to me. The ability to take a client’s needs and wants and create a custom product for them or their family gives me motivation. A renovation, addition or custom home is specifically designed for a person, and they are able to enjoy the final product because it's functional but it also expresses who they are. The opportunities to improve, evolve and make people happy are endless in this industry and it is what drives me to continue to do what I do. 


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What are you looking forward to most about the future of Corrente?

In the future, I look forward to seeing Corrente Construction Management continually grow. Growing the team, expanding our locations, and reaching more people is the ultimate goal. We want to create new standards in the industry of residential constriction by re-defining the relationship between client and contractor. Our mission is always to have transparency and build trust. Knowing we’ve made a difference in people’s lives keeps us going, whether it be a new house or renovating their current home to make it more comfortable. 


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Any piece of advice you'd give to those looking to renovate or build a new home?

_People inspire me!_ (2)When renovating or building a home, remember that the people that need to live in it when it is completed are you and your family. Therefore, ensure you work with a professional that will take the time to understand your family, their day to day activities and character. This is crucial in order to help you navigate through and design something that will satisfy the needs and wants of you and your family, leading to a final product that will be functional and beautiful. 

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At Corrente, we Listen, Plan, & Build Better. Our goal is to bring your dreams to life and make sure you trust us every step of the way. We look forward to working with you!

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