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It’s time to grow your home by increasing and optimizing the living space, specifically designed for your family and their needs. Additions and renovations are beneficial all around, for you and your forever home, or for increased market value. Remain in the neighborhood you live in without the stress of looking for a new home and dealing with bidding wars. Generate additional income by creating a legal basement apartment or carriage home. 


Major additions that help ROI (return on investment):

Carriage House

Rear or side addition

Second Floor

Underpinning basements



The keys to planning and preparing your home for an addition or renovation are:

Getting drawings:

We start by doing an “as-is” takeoff of the structure using lidar scanners to ensure we have an accuracy of the existing structure. Then our design team will work with you to ensure your new drawings work with the existing home.

Preparing a scope of work:

A scope of work is the most important planning step of building your project. Before budgeting and contracting, a scope of work will define each section of your project with what is required and what is wanted, it also allows you to build your bid packages required to get accurate pricing and build your budget.

Budgeting and financial planning:

Once you’ve completed your scope of work, you can figure out how to split your budget. If you have an overall maximum then you can understand what is feasible and what needs to be adjusted or removed. Budgeting starts with sending bid packages to trades, getting pricing and then planning out what fits your budget.

Working with an interior designer to select finishes and source material:

Finishings and selections on projects are a very broad area in a scope of work, from either selecting ceramic tiles to natural stone large format tile, finishing material costs can range anywhere from $2.50 up to $80 per square foot. These huge variations can be a lot to source and very time-consuming for a client. That’s where a professional opinion can expedite and enhance the process. An interior designer can aid in planning, selecting and purchasing all finishing materials. Not to mention that with their industry insider knowledge they can use their expertise to avoid big mistakes common to DIY’ers.


Our team is always available to discuss any project you have in mind and run through planning and options. Feel free to reach out or book a consultation to speak with a professional and bring your dream project to life.

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