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Hi Crew! Welcome back to another blog post. This month, we're answering all your questions regarding Corrente and the construction industry. As the warm weather rolls in, our schedule is full and we're getting our hands dirty. My name is Andrea, and I'm here to answer your questions, concerns, and help you plan your project. Keep reading for our client's most frequently requested information, and feel free to chat with me one-on-one if you have anything else you want to know before working with us.


Q: What does Corrente do?

A: If you’re new here.. hi, I'm Andrea and I am your go-to for all inquiries and all new projects. At Corrente, we are a luxury full-service building firm. We provide work on large renovations, large additions and custom home builds. We are construction managers and we act as a consultant on your behalf, managing the full project including the coordination of all trades and materials. As your representative, we act in your best interest. Our motto is that we listen - plan - and build better.


The Team


Q: What is the average price per sq. ft. these days?

A: Every project is different and varies, but with today’s market (June 2022), we estimate that pricing starts from:

  • $150+/sq ft for a renovation
  • $300+/sq. ft. for an addition
  • $350+/sq. ft. for a custom home build

Please keep in mind that the pricing also depends on the finishes you choose, the design, materials and where you are located as well. If you have a specific project in mind, we would recommend that you book a one-on-one consultation for a more accurate estimate and we will gladly work up a proposal for you.


Q: Do you build pre-fabricated homes?

A: We do offer the ability to build pre-fabricated homes! We are partnered with NA structures which is based in Quebec. This means the home is built in an interior factory to protect the structure of the framing package. We offer the walls, floors, roof and all other components in the framing stage in a pre-designed package. This is all engineered at the factory and then shipped to be assembled on-site in panels in 75% less time with less waste - which means far less in cost. This also increases the quality of the project’s materials and reduces the cost of labour on site, increasing value and reducing risk. Our prefabricated homes are customizable as well!


Pre-fabricated Homes with Corrente


Q: How does Corrente keep projects and clients organized and on track?

A: Since we manage everything, we like to take the pressure off our clients. As our client, your only responsibility is to approve the drawings and pay for the permits. We take care of the rest! An amazing tool that we use is called Co-Construct - it is our cloud-based online construction management software. It is a very easy to use and simple platform that keeps every client’s projects organized and on track. Communication is as easy as sending a Facebook chat, and the system includes financial management, file and picture management, scheduling, budgeting, and daily site tracking. All of this is accessible to our clients 24/7 by a mobile device or computer. It’s also a great spot to keep all project communication from multiple parties in the project, so you never feel out of the loop.


Q: Do you sell pre-construction homes?

A: At the moment, we focus on custom home builds and large renovations and additions. However, we do have a new and exciting project in the works called Haven on Homewood. This project is located in Wasaga Beach, and it’s where our 3-home luxury development is underway. These 3 custom homes have been designed in collaboration with Beyond Architecture Studios and 2 Birds Design from Toronto. All 3 homes have their own unique look and feel and are FOR SALE NOW with Sotheby's Realty! Check them out here.


Haven on Homewood Street View


Q: Where do you build?

A: As of right now, we build all over Ontario but we mainly focus on Toronto and the GTA surrounding areas. We’re also planning on opening three new franchises in the near future. The second is in Newfoundland, Canada and the other two will be a bit more south... so stay tuned for more Corrente content!


Thank you for joining me today to dive into our most frequently asked questions. I hope you've gained more insight into what we do and how our services work. If you're interested in getting a quote, planning a project, or just want to chat - book a consultation with me today!

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