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Corrente x NA Structures


Welcome back, Crew! This month, we're letting you in on our partnership with NA Structures with the help of their Business Development Manager, Lorne Kelly.


N.A. Structures is our partner in engineering and building safe, strong & beautiful custom homes. Together, we provide top level services to all our clients and ensure that your dream home is attainable. From engineering a home to ensuring high performance and safe construction, our teams are highly skilled and experienced within the industry.


Let’s dive into some questions & answers that will help you understand our process as partners, as well as a behind the scenes look into how we build our homes.


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Follow along as we discuss this efficient process within our partnership and the process we follow with N.A  Structures, from beginning to our assembly of materials on site.


Tino: The partnership between us in a single project, how does that look? It’s more than offsite paneling. You provide us with full BIM (Building Information Modeling) - it’s not as simple as just building the walls and sending it out. Can you detail what comes in an NA package? That’s where the value is.


Lorne: Once we’ve received the project drawings and give you a quote so we can proceed forward, we begin the process of taking the drawings and information, and start planning. We do coordination and BIM modeling with the engineer, architect and builder. Then we do the foundation drawings and build.

Next, you will provide us with an as-built survey with questions such as, “do we need to make adjustments before we go to production on the walls?”. The project is just about to go to production when we get the foundation information and in turn, we’re very agile. Once produced, it comes right off the assembly line, onto the truck, and shipped right away so you can get started on the process.

We coordinate efficiently to make sure you get everything you need on time and are ready to build right away. We also provide technical support so our teams can work together to answer questions. We provide a technical manager available to your team full time, so any concerns can be discussed and solved quickly without project delays.

I applaud your team for working with us and embracing a different way to build.


Tino: Well it’s in our motto - we listen, plan, and build better. We make sure that our clients get not only what they want, but what they need at the highest quality possible. With us, we create a friendship and a bond with our clients to make sure that they get their dream home. That’s why this partnership is so important to us.


Tino and Lorne discuss how they engineer a home to reduce waste and in turn, save time and money. On-site waste can account for a large part of home building costs, therefore reducing waste is great for both the environment and for your pocket.


Tino: The fact that we’re getting a full home to site, something that has been value engineered means that we’re not guessing on what wastage will be there, or having to take into account upwards of $15,000 of waste. Knowing what we’re spending will be the make or break factor for any project.


Lorne: Our off-site approach does not have waste. We’re shipping ready-to-assemble completed components - you’re assembling a home instead of building a house - which means no mistakes, no coping with the cull-rate from the lumber yard with no guarantee, and overall it is more efficient.


Building On Site


Our partnership with N.A. Structures is based on reliability, efficiency, and safety. Corrente Construction Management is happy to supply your project with these premium materials, crafted for you by N.A., in order to build your home in the most efficient way possible.


Lorne: The industry as a practice is always competing with itself because they only understand cost, they don’t understand quality. The builders that distinguish themselves from their competitors by delivering on these propositions marks all the difference. A builder like yourself working with us and our backend coordination, saves in all areas, and offsets the more premium nature of our building system. More efficient manpower costs, and you break even, but you build a better product. One you’d be proud to show anybody and they appreciate that.


Tino: At Corrente, we’re not a large team but we rely on efficiency. Our industry partnerships are so important - the management, the delays on site - we can’t afford that and we don’t want that to ever fall on our client. I’m on site at every project and we have multiple projects at the same time where a hiccup like waste, shortage of material, constructing something incorrectly. We’re happy to work with you and your team to minimize waste and maximize time and effort.


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Corrente works with N.A. Structures to build your home safely, efficiently, and in a timely manner. Our Crew maximizes their effort to perfect the process and with the help of N.A. Structures, we build beautiful homes.

Blog Line Dividers-1We would like to thank Lorne for taking the time to sit down with us and discuss the processes, financing, and trust that goes into building a secure home. We are proud to partner in this innovative building process and welcome you on board with us!




Leave your questions below, or feel free to reach out to our team here and speak to a member of the Crew. Thank you for joining us!

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