2022 Home Design Trends

2022 Home Design Trends

The Crew at Corrente has been keeping their eyes peeled for all the 2022 trends with our custom homes, additions, and renovations. Keep reading to see what people are loving!


Big Windows

Custom Kitchen

Large, scenic windows are trending. We're specifically seeing special window features in kitchens and living rooms. Windows open up a space and lets you admire your surroundings from the comfortable indoors.

Big windows are crucial for allowing a lot of natural light and come in several different options. Classic vinyl casement window is a great economical product, and aluminum European window that is cladding in vinyl but allows you the option of tilt and turn with options of larger sizes and better overall performance.



Living Room with Fireplace

Fireplace features are a hit, especially in cottage style homes. This focal piece adds to any room and is a great source of heat. Functional and aesthetically pleasing, these installments can be customized to fit your preferences based on size, finishes, and placement.

Fireplace options for natural or propane has expanded. The classic insert is economical and works perfect when paired with the right hardware behind it. There are open face, linear, round, and double sided that come in all sizes.


Functional Laundry Spaces

Laundry and Mud Room

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but where would we be without a functional laundry room? This is key, especially for families, and keeping this space organized and well spaced is extremely important.

We love to incorporate the laundry room with the mud room, as functional design plays a huge role in enjoying your space. Storage, accessibility and light are all important factors when considering laundry room design.


Black & White Exteriors

Modern Farmhouse Custom Home

Curb appeal adds value to your home, and we've noticed that most of our clients are loving black and white exterior accents. This includes trim, eavestroughs, doors, siding, and stone.

We are loving the trend of the Modern Farmhouse, where black and white are the perfect combination that give a modern touch to any design while maintaining the softness of a true home.


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